Gottfried Berlin

Gottfried is an artist / artist-photographer, whose works of fineart have been conceived over a period of thirty years on three continents. They are produced in oil, acrylic, crayon, pen, as well as quite a lot in a mix of similar media, and include some mixed media montage. During various earlier periods, many works were produced on negative and transparency film. It is a combination of all these experiences, which dominates his more prominent works.

Although one can most often see the common thread, the nature and styles of those fineart works are relatively broad, because of his belief that an artist can often express life experience, and perception of the world, in different genres of art. This is probably especially so in his case, because his underlying philosophy of art, relative to some genres, while neither complex nor esoteric, is based on a couple of differing themes.

Early studies at:

  • New York Institute of Photography
  • Canterbury College of Art
  • Lincoln College of Art

Some early mentors:

  • Brian Duffy, an icon of the time in high fashion and celebrity chic, and later acknowledged for artistic video productions
  • Bill Brandt, whose atmospheric landscapes, and distorted nudes, were praised as dynamic, intense and powerful images.
  • Pete Turner, who embraced strong colours to create images unmistakably his own.

More recent reviews:

Exhibitions & Collections:

(in alphabetical order) among others at …

Amsterdam, Auckland, Bangkok, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Milan, New York, Sydney.

Private Collections

Works are held in a number of private collections. A few of the more important of those are:

Benedick collection, USA
Richard Cheu, China
Ronald Levine,  USA

Gottfried Berlin Fine Art Artist